Flood Windows are just one of a range of flood protection products available from StormMeister™ , world leading specialists in creating bespoke flood protection products and flood defence solutions for residential and commercial properties worldwide. We can provide flood defence solutions for your property by creating unique flood windows in the styles and colours to replicate your existing windows. StormMeister™ has  delivered many such flood windows (and flood doors) to flood defence projects in Heritage and Conservation areas in the UK, Europe and America, the scope of customization is almost limitless in providing bespoke Styles, Colour Finishes, Wood Grains, Glazing and Fixtures.

We accept all major Credit and Debit Cards including American Express.

Flood Windows by StormMeister

StormMeister™ Flood Protection was established in the UK in 2010 producing flood windows and a range of bespoke flood protection products which are now exported worldwide. At StormMeister™ we have our own design and testing facilities where we design, develop and test flood protection products . Testing of our products is ongoing, we test not only for quality and performance but also for longevity and remarkably we are the ONLY flood company to do so!  

Flood windows and Doors by StormMeister


If you are buying flood windows or any other flood protection products it's important to know whether or not those specific products have been tested. At StormMeister™ we test all of our flood protection products. In the video link to the right you will see a StormMeister™ hopper type (tilt and turn) flood window being tested to well in excess of the PAS 1188 Industry Standard of  600mm. In fact the window is still leak free at 900mm!

For more details visit our main web site www.StormMeister.com

Flood Windows by StormMeister™

We accept all major Credit and Debit Cards including American Express.

Since establishment in 2010, StormMeister® Flood Protection has been steadily growing in reputation within the construction industry thanks to our unique Active Flood SealTM and our unique products which are both user and installer friendly. StormMeister® is best known as the creator of the world’s only wheelchair friendly low threshold flood door, and we are now gaining recognition for our flood windows here in the UK and our worldwide export market. In our testing facilities, we continually test our products for longevity and the StormMeister® standard of zero leakage under test conditions, allowing us to offer a 10 year warranty and peace of mind to our customers. Our flood windows use the same water activated flood seals and operate in the same way as our flood doors. StormMeister products can be viewed in action at our design and testing facility or if you can't get there we can organise a live demonstration online via Skype.

At StormMeister® Flood Protection, our speciality is creating bespoke flood protection products to individual specifications, meaning that we can replicate existing windows or design new and unique flood windows to suit your needs. Many of our flood windows (and other products) have been installed to protect buildings in Heritage and Conservation areas as our customization is so exact it is readily granted planning permissions. We can tailor the style, colour finish, glazing, wood grain and fixtures to your stipulations in order to create the perfect flood window for you.

StormMeister™ BIBAs Finalist
StormMeister™ BIBAs Finalist
Flood Windows and Doors by StormMeister

Flood Windows and Doors by StormMeister
Flood Windows and Doors by StormMeister

To see StormMeister™ flood windows and other flood products being tested please refer to the video links on this web site and on our main web site www.StormMeister.com

You can even visit our product testing centre to see for yourself. We can also arrange live demonstrations anywhere in the world via Skype.

No other flood company makes such an offer!




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